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Maximize Efficiency and Gain Deep Insights with Clevin.Ai's Powerful Tools for Website Owners.

Email Reports for Visitor Insights

Stay informed and in control with Clevin.Ai’s Email Reports. Our system meticulously records interactions, providing you with daily or weekly logs of conversations between users and Clevin. These insights enable you to understand your visitors' needs, tailor your content, and refine your strategies with precision.

1. Daily/Weekly Summaries. Receive regular and timely reports that summarize user interactions, keeping you up-to-date with user engagement.

2. Conversation Logs. Access detailed logs of conversations, which can reveal visitor questions, concerns, and patterns.

3. Tailored Content Insights. Leverage the data to fine-tune your website content, ensuring it aligns perfectly with user interests and trends.

4. Strategic Decision Making. Utilize visitor insights to make informed decisions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Gain actionable insights to shape your business strategy and elevate user engagement with our detailed Email Reports.
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Elevate your site's SEO with actionable insights from our user-friendly SEO Assistant.

Page SEO Assistant

Elevate your website's search engine presence with our SEO Assistant. With the simple click of a button, audit any page on your site to receive comprehensive reports. Discover optimization opportunities, from metadata to keyword usage, and implement changes that can boost your rankings.

1. One-Click Audits. Easily initiate a thorough review of any webpage to uncover SEO strengths and weaknesses.

2. Comprehensive Reporting. Gain insights into metadata, keyword optimization, and more for targeted improvements.

3. Ranking Enhancements. Implement our tailored suggestions to climb the search engine ranks effectively.

4. Continuous Improvement. Keep your site competitive and visible with ongoing, automated SEO assessments.

Time-Saving Social Media Post Proposals

Clevin.Ai helps how you create content for social media. Log in as an owner and receive curated, platform-optimized post proposals for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Say goodbye to the content creation grind – just copy, paste, and engage. It's not only about saving time; it's about enhancing your social media presence.

1. Curated Content. Get a selection of ready-to-publish posts tailored to each social media platform.

2. Optimized for Engagement. Each proposal is crafted to maximize user interaction and platform reach.

3. Streamlined Posting Process. Eliminate the hassle of creating posts from scratch and maintain an active, engaging online presence effortlessly.

4. Consistent Brand Voice. Maintain a strong and consistent brand voice across all social platforms with minimal effort.

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Streamline your social media strategy with Clevin.Ai's optimized and ready-to-post content proposals.

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