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In a world where attracting visitors is both costly and challenging, Clevin.Ai becomes your strategic partner. With smart search, instant FAQs, Mail list, and engaging content, it not only retain visitor interest but also deepen engagement, ensuring your effort and expenditure in attracting visitors are well rewarded.

Search & Navigate with Ease

Clevin.Ai redefines the user search experience on your website. No more drop-offs due to navigation frustration. Our intelligent search brings the most relevant information to the forefront with just a few keystrokes.

1. Intelligent Semantic Search. Precision in understanding search intent for better results.

2. Instant Linking. Direct connections to the desired content, minimizing user effort.

3. Navigation Simplified. Clevin.Ai makes menus obsolete; Its search bar is the visitor's gateway to the entire site.

4. Reduced Exit Rates. When users effortlessly find what they're looking for, they're more likely to stay, explore, and convert.

about image delivers fast access to indexed content, eliminating complex navigation with a simple search and click.
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Clevin is AI, offering capabilities and an experience that go far beyond the realm of standard, pre-programmed support bots.

Instant FAQ Assistance

Clevin.Ai is your on-demand FAQ solution, offering real-time responses to user inquiries, day or night. It's like having a tireless team member who doesn't just recite ready-made answers but also grasping the essence of each question.

1. Deep Understanding. Unlike standard support bots, Clevin.Ai grasps the meaning behind questions, offering relevant answers to even the most nuanced queries.

2. Immediate Answers. With instant responses, customers enjoy a smoother, more satisfying experience that keeps them on board.

3. Dynamic Knowledge. By absorbing content from indexed pages and owner-provided texts, Clevin.Ai expands its knowledge base, delivering ever-more precise answers.

4. Always Available. Clevin.Ai stands ready 24/7, ensuring users always have a helping hand.

Entertainment & Trust

Powered by its extensive internal knowledge, Clevin creates a memorable experience that fosters a connection between your website and its visitors.

1. Fun and Interesting Facts. Offers delightful insights related to the page topic, keeping visitors intrigued and engaged.

2. Quotes. Inspirational quotes from renowned personalities add depth to the browsing experience, offering moments of reflection and motivation.

3. Quizzes. Interactive quizzes challenge and educate visitors, providing a fun way to learn new information and test their knowledge.

4. Engagement. Encourages visitors to stay longer on your site and explore further, effectively reducing bounce rates.

4. Bond. Turns visitors into advocates by offering a unique blend of knowledge and fun, encouraging them to spread the word.

about image enhances user experience with entertaining knowledge, reduces bounce rates, and converts visitors into dedicated advocates.
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Transform one-time visits into lasting connections with Clevin.Ai's mailing list.

Mail List Connection

Extend interactions into lasting relationships with our targeted mailing list, keeping your brand top-of-mind through engaging content.

1. Long-Term Connection. Extend interactions into lasting relationships with our targeted mailing list, keeping your brand top-of-mind through engaging content.

2. Persistent Presence. With Clevin.Ai, your brand stays in the loop, delivering weekly content that keeps the dialogue going.

3. Cost-Effective Engagement Our mailing list turns the expense of attracting new visitors into an investment by encouraging repeat visits and loyalty.

4. Strategic Content Delivery. Use our mailing list to send more than updates; offer unique content and deals that build a deeper bond with your audience.

Multilingual Support Across 90+ Languages

Clevin.Ai breaks down language barriers, enabling visitors from around the globe to search and navigate your site in their native language. With Clevin, your website speaks to everyone, everywhere – no translation needed.

1. Language Versatility. Support for over 90 languages ensures that your website is accessible to a global audience.

2. Intuitive Interaction. Visitors can ask questions and receive answers in their own language, making for a seamless user experience.

3. Cultural Connection. Engage with users in a way that's familiar to them, which can increase trust and user satisfaction.

4. Market Expansion. Open up your business to international markets without the need for costly and complex localization efforts.

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Vital for cross-border accessibility, this feature ensures that language is no barrier to understanding and interacting with your site.

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