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Understanding Credits in Our Pricing Plans

At Clevin.Ai, we've designed our pricing structure to be transparent and flexible, ensuring you get the most value out of our service. A key component of this structure is how we count "credits." Here’s what you need to know:

What Counts as a Credit?

One credit is any interaction that your visitors have with Clevin.Ai, whether it's a search query they input or a message response they receive from our AI. Each of these interactions is essential in providing a seamless experience for your users.

Owner Tools and Advanced AI Models

  • Diverse AI Options: With Owner Tools, we offer access to various AI models, including advanced versions like ChatGPT 4.0, Claude 3 Opus, and Mistral Large. These models can power sophisticated functionalities such as in-depth SEO analysis and creative social network post generation.
  • Credit Consumption: It's important to note that not all tools consume credits at the same rate. More complex queries or the utilization of higher-end AI models may consume multiple credits due to the increased computational resources required.
  • Customization and Control: As an owner, you have the flexibility to choose which AI model to use for tasks like SEO audits or social media content creation. This means you can balance between cost efficiency and the level of sophistication you need.

Understanding Indexing Pages with Clevin.Ai

Incorporating Clevin.Ai into your website unlocks powerful indexing capabilities that are central to enhancing your site's navigability and user experience. Here’s a breakdown of how page indexing works with our service:

How Does Automatic Indexing Work?

Upon integrating Clevin.Ai into your site with a simple code snippet in the header or footer, you grant permission for our AI to crawl and index your pages. The scope of indexing depends on your chosen pricing plan, with each plan offering a different maximum number of pages that can be indexed.

Manual Indexing and Deindexing

Owners are not limited to automatic indexing; you have the control to manually adjust what content is indexed:

  • Manual Deindexing: You can choose to deindex specific pages from Clevin.Ai’s search capabilities, ensuring only relevant content is accessible through search.
  • Manual Indexing: If you're under your plan’s limit, you can manually add pages or text documents to be indexed. Each manual indexing operation consumes the equivalent of 10 ctedits, offering a way to refine your site's indexed content on demand.

Reindexing Schedule

Clevin.Ai automatically updates its index to reflect changes on your site, with the frequency of these updates dependent on your pricing plan:

  • Monthly or Weekly: Depending on your plan, Clevin.Ai will reindex your site either once a month or once a week, ensuring content remains current.
  • Skipping Deindexed Pages: Any pages you’ve chosen to deindex will not be reconsidered during automatic reindexing, respecting your content management decisions.