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Get Started in 3 Steps

The three-step integration process implies a seamless setup that does not require extensive resources or technical expertise.

1. Email Verification

Register with your email and website URL. Receive and enter your code to confirm and continue to integration.

2. Code Integration

Clevin will generate a custom JavaScript code. Just add it to your website's HTML following our instructions.

3. Use Chatbot

Clevin analyzes your website and starts training. Once ready, Clevin will mail you and begin engaging users on your website.

Ai Powered

User Functionalities

In a world where attracting visitors is both costly and challenging, Clevin.Ai strengthens visitor bonds with engaging content and instant support, boosting retention.

Smart Search & Easy Navigation

Clevin.Ai’s intelligent search algorithms ensure users quickly find what they’re looking for, directly connecting them to relevant content.

Instant FAQ Assistance

Offers real-time answers to common queries, streamlining user support and reducing wait times for information.

+ Multilingual Support 90+ Languages

+ Еntertaining knowledge

+ Newsletter Bond

+ 24/7 Availability

AI's Advantage for Website Owners

Elevating User Experience & AI Tools

Owner Benefits

With smart search, instant FAQs, Mail list, and engaging content, Clevin.Ai not only retain visitor interest but also deepen engagement, ensuring your effort and expenditure in attracting visitors are well rewarded.

  • Reduce Website Drop-Off: By engaging visitors with immediate help, website owners will reduce bounce rates and potentially increase conversions.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide immediate answers and support, leading to increased user satisfaction.
  • Increased Engagement: Interactive interface ensures users spend more time exploring the website.
  • Competitive Advantage: Modern and innovative feature sets the website apart from competitors.

Owner Time-Saving Tools

Clevin.Ai is not just your assistant, it's your analyst and strategist too. Get insightful reports, SEO assistance, and social content suggestions that save time and amplify your online authority.

  • Email Reports for Visitor Insights: Clevin.Ai records all interactions, providing you with daily or weekly logs of conversations between users and Clevin. This helps you understand your visitors’ needs, tailor your content, and refine your strategies with precision.
  • Page SEO Assistant: With a simple click of a button, audit any page on your site to receive comprehensive reports. Discover optimization opportunities, from metadata to keyword usage.
  • Social Media Post Proposals: Clevin.Ai helps how you create content for social media. Log in as an owner and receive curated, platform-optimized post proposals for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
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