Season 78: [ENGINE] Pass Targets news

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The main update this season is in tactical editor – “Pass Targets”.

If you prefer, you can skip that functionality at all. Your players will behave just like before, if you don’t touch it (if “Automatic”). But if you prefer better control on your players passes, you can try it.

This option has a cost – depending from his decisions-skill, the player will follow your pass-target-order or not. And if not, he will select absolutely randomly to whom to pass.

I’m very proud of this new functionality. IMO, it is the finishing touch in giving the field-control to the managers (tactics-editor, movements, choices, defensive zones and pass-targets). The field-game grow from black-box (at the beginning) to manageable play.

Very shortly the other updates as well:

– the plus-system is hidden now. The main reason is because it was not reached its target – to became a tactical knowledge. But hiding give another opportunities – it is much more simpler and reliable, it reduces the server pressure, and gives more options to balance the “real-soccer-results” with the random (surprise games).

– most of the top-leagues schedules have new default start hours.

– (not visible and maybe not important for you) server migration. At beginning of September, the hosting company closes the server versions that we mainly used. So – currently I’m working on that – to guarantee that the game will work after that time. I’m still not ready with that, hope I will finish it tomorrow, or on Saturday as deadline.

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