Recommended skills for: Goalkeepers

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This advice on how to train individual roles is aimed at new managers. The more experienced managers generally experiment and have their own ideas. This is just a base level from which to get you started.


Scheda portiere
In my opinion, the goalkeeper must never miss:
– Goalkeeping
– Decision
both should be taken to their maximum potential (eg 100 out of 100).

It is also important that the goalkeeper also has a good dose of:

– Tackles
Tackling is used when there is a duel 1 on 1 with a forward

– First Touch
If this is low he is more likely to drop the ball when saving a shot (parry it instead of catch).

– Pass
Passing is not that important unless you favour starting attacks from the back.

But how many points do you give to each of these individual skills? It cannot be answered. You will need to decide this for yourself, I have given them in order of priority (in my opinion). Everyone will mix the training points as they see fit.


Physical skills

Strength and speed are very important in every role, never, never should they be snubbed. There is no player who can play by walking around or one who does not have the strength to kick the ball.

This is not a skill like the others, the more experience a player accumulates the more individual skills will increase when he takes the field. So it is a multiplier. Attention, when you look at the player’s profile within your team, experience is not applied to the basis points. You see the total instead when you go to field him. From there you will in fact notice higher numbers than those indicated in the player card.



Each player card (like the one shown above) presents the individual skills with numbers alongside in this mode: 000/000. The number to the left of the bar represents the current value your player has at that moment. The number to the right of the bar is the maximum potential he can theoretically reach. Note that it is a maximum, he will not neccesarily reach that number.
The Total Skill is the sum of the single values ​​of the individual skills / potential.

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