How to see our own tactical orders in previous games

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Managing the tactical editor is always a commitment of time, many attempts to find few solutions that seem valid for your players. But often we are always looking for continuous improvements, but then maybe realize that the previous solution was the best. So how to go back to that past configuration that you have made in the best way?

The possibility is there but it is a little bit hidden.

Let’s find out how to do these simple steps…

The game is over, the billboard appears with the result as shown below:


Click on the statistics icon as shown in the figure above.

The statistics panel will open, click now on the icon depicting the football field:


Then pay attention. Next to the player you want to watch, there is the classic icon that indicates the tactical editor, you have to click on it (often it’s not easy). See the following image:


It will then open the representation of the movements that the manager had set for it.


If you want to know the details set for each position and orders in the field, there are other clickable icons, those with letters. Clicking on the individual opens the small panel details as shown in the following example.



Thanks to Cipo68 who told me about this possibility.


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