What are the oldest teams in Goleada?

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We went to discover a curiosity that many, even if they play from a long time, maybe they do not know totally.
We asked ourselves … but which are the oldest teams of Goleada? Through the team ID we went to make a ranking. It is not a complete data with certainty (not coming from an official source) so if we have forgotten someone, you can let us know.

Here are the 15 oldest teams of Goleada still in play

  1. Kuker
  2. Stoi4cov
  3. Botev/PD
  4. Manarchestar Siti
  5. Fighters
  6. Pobeditel
  7. Okopcha
  8. Blueteam
  9. Botev Plovdiv
  10. La Banda Bonnot
  11. Εντεκα Κουρέλια
  12. Olympique Lyons
  13. RedStar
  14. ADS
  15. GoeBezig Vilvoorde



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