New managers: this is what you need to know immediately

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Are you a new Goleada manager? Welcome!
I want to briefly give you some information that you absolutely need to know right away.

The first match

As soon as you register you will be offered the first friendly one. This friendly to show you how the live works and is purely demonstrative. The team is empowered, even your opponent (a bot). From the following game your players will go back to being bad 😀

Buy players

So you will have to hurry to make a transfer and take some decent player. See how to buy players in this post. You have two roads: futuristic young people if you have patience … or ready players, maybe old men (not above 32 years of age because they collapse as a skill, avoid spending a lot of money on them). When choosing a player to buy, check the TSP (Total skill points), but also look at the individual abilities based on the role they will have to play. Physical skills (strength/speed) are very important for everyone.

Complete the manager license

I want to assume that you have completed the manager license that is proposed to you as you enter the game, if you have not yet done so, hurry, you will have more money to buy players.

Motivation is fundamental

For new managers it can be very dangerous not to know how effort / rest options work. In fact, playing entire games with the “effort” option selected can compromise the entire championship. On this blog you will find an article that will help you, read it!

The guide

Inside the game, in the menu on the right if you browse from the desktop or in the secondary menu from mobile (the one with an icon that represents a little man), you find the “Help” item, in which you will find the guide divided by topics.

Furthermore, the contextual guide shown by ? Is also available. Clicking on it you will be offered a micro help related to the section you are currently browsing.

Ask for help

The community is populated by willing people who can help you if you are in trouble. Access the forum, search for the right section for the topic you want to discuss and ask your question. Someone will help you for sure.


If you want to report a malfunction you have to write it on the appropriate forum.


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