Invite a friend and earn 1000 coins

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Within your dashboard, on the wallet menu, you can find the referral link (web address with your unique ID), invite your friends through that link.

You can copy and paste this link into a website, forum, blog post, landing page, etc. or you can share your link via email, Facebook or Twitter. You will receive a reward for everybody that registers using your unique link and gets a manager license.

Reward in decreasing progression

From 29 April 2018 a new way of remunerating managers inviting friends through the referral link has been introduced.

Managers who have registered a friend (and who has completed the manager license) now no longer earn 1000 coins per member, but the gain is in decreasing progression, as follows:

  • first invited user 1000 coins;
  • second 900 coins;
  • third – 800 coins;
  • ….;
  • eighth and more 300 coins.
This is my referral link 😉

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