International Cups for Clubs – Season 50

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In Group A
Good start for the British Stoke City , and the champions in charge of the Botev/pd/ , followed by Steaua and Canoas Esporte Clube fighting for the qualification, more apart from the Greeks of Lions Glyfadas , Blackout and the Chinese Rrr .
The victory of Steaua (MOTS) against the Bulgarian Botev pd (4-1) relaunches the qualification ambitions for the team of mr. Aptul. The defeat of Stoke City (MOTS) in the last round against Botev pd (2-5), draws the final classification with 3 teams with the same points. Difference goals, penalizes the British who are eliminated. Botev Pd 1 position and Steaua 2 position gain access to the semi-finals.

In Group B
Great departure for Arsenal Dunedin 1886 , who flies at the head of the group, followed by Red Star , and the Italian champions of Uominietopi . Further back Sc Preussen Münster 06 has behind him Glorioso Slb and Chtilensois , to close the Nufer group.
Red star defeats Uominietopi and goes to win the group. The comparison for the conquest of the 2nd position between Arsenal Dunedin and Uominietopi, ends in favor of the Italian team that accesses the semi-finals. Elimination for all others.

Still too strong the Botev PD defeats a never-domo Menetopi (MOTS) (5-2) and goes into the final. A clear victory also for Red Star that eliminates Steaua (3-0).

The final
Yet another comparison between the two most titled teams of Goleada. The final is still in favor of the Bulgarian Botev PD (MOTS), who defeat the rivals of Red Star (MOTS) (2-1) in extra time. Botev PD wins the Cup!

In Group A
they play for the qualification Teos , Olympique Lyons , Belo Horizonte Futebol Clube Fcsb . More detached Keleti Medve Fc , Piligrim , and Arsenalll seem already far away.
Undefeated Teos goes to win the Group. The hard comparison between FCSB Vs Olympique Lyons (5-4) ends with the victory of the Romanian team that concludes in second place. Elimination for Olympique Lyons and others.

In Group B Antias Hulandes immediately leads the group, followed by Chelsea Fc and A.s.tronzi . What opened for the qualification for Avanca City followed by Anderlecht , Les Gaulois D’asterix , to close Txelins .
Balance until the end! The victory of AS Tronzi on Chelsea FC (4-1), makes decisive the challenge of the last round between Avanca City Vs Chelsea FC (1-3). The Chelsea Fc ends in 1 position, As Tronzi in second position wins the semifinal. Elimination for the Portuguese of Avanca City and others.

Teos wins the final passing As Tronzi (3-2).
In the other semi-final the Romanians of FCSB (MOTS) defeated (1-5) the Britons of Chelesa FC and entered the final.

The final
In the final Teos (MOTS) defeats the Romanians of FCSB (4-2) winning the European trophy!

UEFA LEAGUE (Medalists)
Group A – Group A Good start for #Orauw and Invincible Armada and Duartes followed by the Brazilians of Arr@nc@toco Sgfc and Danfc.
The French followed by Duartes are in charge. Invincible Armada also defeats Duartes and wins the group, Orauw reaches the Portuguese in the standings and ends in second position (best difference goals.)
Elimination for all others.

Group B – In Group B the French of Les Cigognes and the Belgians of Goebezig Vilvoorde take the lead in the fast classification towards qualification. Real Sina C.f. , Esebb , Edur try the run-up. To close New Frodo’s Team and Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten .
Les Cicognes and Goebezig Vilvoorde play the group’s victory in the last game (1-3). The French win the Group, while Mr. Rydek’s men conclude in second place. Elimination for all others.

In Group C Excellent start for Okopcha and Airplanes followed by Garin F.c. and U.e. Creixell . Little hope for #Teta de Beicola and the Juventus Chinese.
The Romanians of Mr. Cris are leading and defend the victory of the group. The match for the second place in the quarter-finals is won by the Bulgarians of Okopcha who defeat the Argentineans of Garin FC (3-1). Elimination for all others.

In Group D Grande departure for the British The Socks , followed by Inter-net and Didi United . The two Greek teams Enteka Kourelia Aetos Stamnas are in difficulty, to close #Lukes team.
The Socks wins the group and Inter-net is second with an early shift.

Quarter finals
They entered the semi-finals, The Socks overcoming the Belgians of Goebezig Vilvoorde (2-1), and Airplanes who defeated the Dutch of Orauw (3-2) in extra time. Suffered victory also for Inter-net that eliminates Les cicognes in a challenge ended on penalties (5-4). He also entered the semi-final, Invincible Armada victorious against the Bulgarians of Okopcha (5-0).

In the hard-fought game, The Socks defeats Inter-net (4-3), while Invincible Armada overwhelms the Romanians of Airplanes (7-0).

The final
Final dominated by the French of Invincible Armada (MOTS) who defeat The Socks by winning the cup!

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