International Cups for Clubs – Season 48

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In Group A
Good start for Chelsea Fc and Sc Preussen Münster 06 . Double defeat instead for La Banda Bonnot and qualification already in danger.
Takes the lead of the Steaua standings, in second place the French of Chtilensois who defeat and overcome the Chealse FC (3-1) in third position, followed by Alvorada Fc. Fly Steaua also defeating Chtilensois (2-1), Chealsea FC resists in second place, while La Banda Bonnot is back in the race.
In the last round of games the defeat of Chtilensois on the field of Hellboys Fc , gives the second position to Chelsea FC defeated by Steaua, who wins the Group.

In Group B
Opening with the victory of the Bulgarian Botev/pd/ in the super challenge against the champions of Red Star (7-2).
The team of Mr. Leon1912 sets out decisively towards the victory of the Group. The Spaniards of Txelins , take advantage of the draw between Red Star and Lions Glyfadas (2-2) to maintain the second position. The unstoppable Bulgarian Botev pd win the Group, while the victory of Red Star on Txelins (5-1), sends the French in the semifinals.

A demonstration of strength that date of the Bulgarians of the Botev PD, who defeat the British champions Chelsea FC (4-1). Goals rich in Goals in the other semifinal, Red Star eliminates the Romanians of Steaua (7-4), reaching the final.

The final
A very balanced final in which the Bulgarians of the Botev pd, favorites of the eve, are defeated by the holders of the Red Star Cup (2-4). After a first half ended in a draw (1-1), the French team tactically well organized by Mr. Redstar , takes the lead (1-2), and closes the game, writing a page of history, winning for the third consecutive time the Champions League!


In Group A the favorites of Olympique Lyons are leading the standings, followed by The Socks , Operario and Kerala Blasters , further back Piligrim and Greenville Fc , to close the Swiss of Streetgela .
Unstoppable the march of the French who win Group A. In the race for the second position, The Socks concludes in front of the Brazilians of Operario. (best goal difference)

In Group B extreme balance! Airplanes , Duartes , I Picciriddi and My Sharona fight for two places, behind the Greeks of Aetos Stamnas , to close the group the Swedes of Sma If . The pair My Sharona – Duartes who end up paired and both enter the semi-final. Airplanes concludes in third position. Elimination also for the Picciriddi, AetoE EtamnaE and Sma if.

The Socks easily wins (4-0) eliminating the Belgian team of My Sharona not in good condition.
In the other semi-final the Portuguese Duartes (MOTS), exceed (2-1) the holders of the cup, the fearsome French of ‘Olympique Lyons.

The final
In the league final of the Portuguese league, Duartes leaves plenty of energy on the field, not arriving in the best conditions to the final. The Socks (MOTS) defeats Duartes (6-0) by winning the Cup!

UEFA LEAGUE (Medalists)

Group A – In group A part strong Ec Roma that flies at the head of the group. Fighting for the second position a trio of teams: Stoke City , Goebezig Vilvoorde and Canoas Esporte Clube.
More detached Radinho De Pilha and #Frodo’s Team , close the group the debutants of Noter Czarnkow .
Stoke city defeats EcRoma (4-1) and goes on to win Group A, while EcRoma finishes in second place.

Group B – In the B group the French of Les Cigognes take the lead of the ranking followed by the Danfc Cape Verde Stars, late Teos and Nufer , to close Vasilacio. Les Cicognes wins Group B, while DanFC, Teos and Cape Verde Stars conclude with the same points, but DanFC is to access the quarter finals for best difference goals.

In Group C the bad start of the two Portuguese teams of Esebb and Glorioso Slb , launched at the top of the ranking the Romanians of Fcsb followed by Anderlecht and Zarathustra Der Nackte Hahn . Last place for Cs Cienciano Del Cusco .
Despite the defeat against Glorioso slb, FCSB maintains the first place. The race for the second position ends with 3 teams with 9 points: Glorious slb, Esebb and Zarathustra der nackte. The Portuguese of Glorioso slb enter the quarterfinals (best goal difference)

In Group D Invincible Armada goes ahead of the group, while behind him is open fight for the second place between Antias Hulandes , Rossoblu , Okopcha , Enteka Kourelia and Real Sina C.f. . The French win easily Group D, behind him Rossoblu ends in second place.

Quarter finals
The two French teams, Invincible Armada and Les Cigognes, entered the semi-finals, defeating respectively EcRoma (4-0) and Glorioso slb (7-3). Suffered victory for Stoke city that eliminates Rossoblù, in a challenge full of goals (6-5).
While in the “Romania challenge” FCSB exceeds DanFC (2-1) by accessing the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals continues the march of Stoke City (MOTS) that defeats Les Cigognes (5-3), while Invincible Armada eliminates FCSB with the same result (5-3)

The final
The final between Stoke City (MOTS) and Invincibile Armada (MOTS) (7-5) is exciting and balanced. The British team below (4-5) grabs the draw at 88 minutes, sending the game extra time. With 2 goals scored and a red card for the French in extra time, Stoke City for the second time in a row the UEFA Cup (The Medalists)

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