International Cups for Clubs – Season 47

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In Group A
In group A strong start the Botev/pd/ , favored for the victory. Fight for the second position for a place in the semi-final between: Goebezig Vilvoorde , Chtilensois , guriri fc, Txelins
and Lions Glyfadas.
Unrelenting the Bulgarians of Mr. Leon1912 finish at full score, chtilensois deservedly ends in second place. 3 position for goeberzig vilvorde first of the eliminated.

In Group B
In group B, in the first game, the Portuguese of Esebb (MOTS) defeat the outgoing champions of the Red Star, going to the top of the rankings to immediately mortgage the passage of the turn. Cs Cienciano Del Cusco and Danfc fc try the pursuit, late Ec Roma and Arsenal Dunedin.
In the first place, the team of mr Melga finishes, holding the rhythm of the champions of Red Star, who finish in 2 position by accessing the semi-final.
3 place in the standings and elimination for Cs Cianciano del cusco, to follow all the others

An “early final” between the two favorite teams for the final victory, the French of RedStar (MOTS) and the Bulgarians of Botev PD (MOTS) (6-3). A high level match ended with the victory of the cup holders. After the first half ended in a draw (2-2) the French team score 3 goals in 10 minutes of play in the middle of the second half, closing the game.
Victory also for the other French team Chtilensois (MOTS) that exceeds the Portuguese ESEBB (3-1) by accessing the final.

The final
The “all French” final is dominated by the Redstar champions who defeat Chtilensois by reconfirming champions and winning the Champions League for the second time in a row.


In Group A Chelsea Fc starts with 3 consecutive victories. Followed by Teos , Piligrim and Operario . Bad departure for Naval Farul and Fighters , in closing Keleti Medve Fc. The British team easily maintains the top of the standings and accesses the Semifinal. The Bulgarians of Piligrim conquer the second position.

In Group B flies Olympique Lyons, followed by the Portuguese of Dead Awaits. Try to stay hooked Uominietopi and Roze Muisjes 00, further back Antias Hulandes, in the queue, Cape Verde Stars. The French easily win the group. Dead Awaits defends the second position and qualifies for the semi-final.

The olympique lyons easily defeated (6-0) the Bulgarians of Piligrim accessing the final.
In the other semi-final Chelsea Fc (MOTS), eliminates the Portuguese Dead Awaits in a match full of goals (9-5).

The final
In the final Olympique Lyons (MOTS) clearly defeats Chelsea FC (5-2) by winning the Cup!

UEFA LEAGUE (Medalists)

Group A – In group A the British couple Stoke City, The Socks launches to conquer the seats in the passage to the next round. Duartes and Sc Preussen Münster 06 remain in the wake. late Okopcha and the Fc Binnenvaart Dutch. Edur immediately deleted.
The two British formations end up paired in the standings and enter the quarterfinals. Failed the Okopcha comeback that ends in third place.

Group B – In Group B the French de Lecoqsportif and La Banda Bonnot immediately go to the top of the ranking, Garin F.c. , Efrus Football Club , Inter-net and Papycool try to chase. Out of the game right away, Ribeiro Team.
The Italian derby between Inter-Net (MOTS) and La Banda Bonnot (5-2) give the passage to the next round to the men of Mr. Claudogs together with the French of lecoqsportif.

In Group C flies Steaua followed by Anderlecht, Rabinho Dos Bosques follows closely.
Bad departure for the two Greek teams Enteka Kourelia and Acharnes , bad start for the Brazilians of Alvorada Fc .
The team of Mr. Aptul dominates and wins the group. The fight for the second position ends in favor of Anderlecht who defeats the direct opponent rabinho dos Bosques (5-1), which closes in third place.

In Group D the Romanians of Airplanes immediately reach the summit, followed by Gnuville Bk and Kerala Blasters. Not good start for Botev Plovdiv v and #Real Sina C.f and queue Luker Teamr. The more balanced group of 4, ends with the first position of the Romanians of Airplanes and the second place for the Swedes of Gnuville Bk. While Botev Plovdiv finishes in third place.

Quarter finals
Big shot for The Socks defeating Lecoqsportif (MOTS) (6-3). 2 representatives for Romania Steaua who defeats Gnuville bk (6-1) and Airplanes who eliminates Anderlecht (5-1) also enter the semi-final. The challenge between Stoke City and Inter-net (8-6) ends in extra time. It is the English who go to the semifinals.

In the semi-finals continues the march of Stoke City (MOTS) that defeats Airplanes, while Steaua bends the resistance of the British The Socks (6-3)

The final
The final between Stoke City and Steaua (4-3) was exciting and balanced. The British team in the lead of 3 goals suffers the comeback and the draw, but at the minute 68, the men of Mr.Standrew find the victory goal. Stoke City wins the Cup!

That’s all!
Have a great season! …waiting World Cup!

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