International Cups for Clubs – Season 46

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What’s happened in Champions League, Cup Winners Cup, UEFA League (The Medalists)


In Group A
The two first draws against Red Star and Goebezig Vilvoorde are a trusted injections for Lions Glyfadas . The Greek team finished group A unbeaten and qualified for the semi-finals, in the company of the French Red Star. Fatal draw between Goebezig Vilvoorde and Arsenal Dunedin (3-3) who condemned the elimination without defeating the Belgian team. Elimination also for Arsenal Dunedin, Ribeiro Team and Txelins .

In Group B
The Brazilians of Guriri Fc start strong! Winning with temas like Okopcha , Fc Marina and Chtilensois , the men of Mr. Mateus_pp are candidates for the victory of the group B. Main antagonists for the qualification are La Banda Bonnot and Chelsea Fc that detached 3 points from the leaders Guriri FC look for a place in the semi-finals.
Okopcha’s victory over Chelsea FC (2-1) and the draw between Guriri FC and La Banda Bonnot (1-1), left the door open for the semi-final, the last round of games became decisive: the victory of Chealse FC ( MOTS) against Guriri FC, gives the semi-final to both teams, making the victory of Okopcha (MOTS) VS La Banda Bonnot (3-2) useless.
Chelsea FC and Guriri FC go into the semi-finals!


Fight challenge between RedStar (MOTS) and Guriri FC (MOTS) (4-3). The French lead (2-0), suffer the comeback (2-2), but in the last 10 minutes win the game despite a red card.
Victory also suffered by the Greeks of Lions Glyfadas, who exceed Chelsea FC (3-2) and enter the final.

The final
In the final battle the French of RedStar exceed the Greeks of Lions Glyfadas (MOTS) (4-2) overturning the result! Under (0-2) two goals, Mr. Redstar ‘s team reacts by winning the Champions League!


In Group A Airplanes , Lecoqsportif and The Socks start with a victory. Rossoblu , Rabinho Dos Bosques, Vasilacio and Real Sina C.f., are in pursuit! Airplanes defeats the French of LeCoqSportif (3-2) going to the top of the standings, The Socks in second position keeps the pace until the end consolidating a place for the semifinals. Influence of the British team against LeCoqSportif (0-5) in the last round of games was irrelevant. Airplanes and The Socks are the semi-finalists. Fluctuating performance for Rossoblu eliminated together with Rabinho dos Bosques, Real sina cf and Vasilatio.

Balance in Group B, after 3 rounds Radinho De Pilha leads the standings, Teos and Glorioso Slb fight for the second position followed by the Argentineans of Garin F.c. and Keleti Medve Fc , with Roze Muisjes 00 immediately eliminated.
Radinho de Pilha wins the Group despite the defeat against the Greeks of Teos (1-0) which is not enough to win the semi-final. They are the Portuguese Glorioso slb to access the semi-finals (best goal difference)

The Romanians of Airplanes defeat (5-1) the Portuguese Glorioso slb, accessing the final.
In the other semi-final the Brazilians of Radinho de pilha overcome the British of The Socks (3-1).

The final
In the final Radinho de pilha (MOTS) defeats Airplanes (MOTS) (5-2) winning the Cup!

UEFA LEAGUE (Medalists)

Group A – Champions League holders the Steaua Romanians, and the Bulgarian Botev Plovdiv enter the quarterfinals. Elimination for the two Brazilian teams of Alvorada Fc and Viola F.c., Outside also Kerala Blasters , Luker Teamr and Cs Cienciano Del Cusco.

Group B – Draw draws on the Italy-France challenge! #Ziggy’s , Ec Roma, #L’invincible Armada and Olympique Lyons play for 2 places for the quarterfinals. The victory of the Italian team of Ziggy’s on Olympique Lyons ((3-1) in the last round of matches generates a ranking with 3 teams with the same points! For the goals difference, Ziggy’s wins the Group, Olympique Lyons ends in 2 position, L’Invincible Armada 3 position is eliminated, while Enteka Kourelia, Palawan Antias Hulandes and EcRoma are also out

In Group C dominion Anderlecht that ends in first place winning all the matches!
The British Stoke City finish in second place and access the quarter-finals. Fc Binnenvaart is the first of the eliminated, along with Stoi4cov , Cape Verde Stars and Zarathustra Der Nackte Hahn

In Group D the Romanians of Danfc immediately take the lead in the standings, while the Portuguese Spartan Eagles and Dead Awaits and the Bulgarian Botev/pd/ go in pursuit. Dinamo Ploiesti and Acharnes do not keep pace. Spartan Eagle, Botev PD and Dead Awaits fall under the blows of the DanFC, which wins the Group easily and surprisingly.
Dead awaits ends in 2 position and accesses the quarterfinals.

Quarter finals
Balanced and fought the quarter finals: Steaua under 2 goals (0-2) manages to overturn the result by defeating the British Stoke City (4-2). Anderlecht eliminates Botev Plovdiv’s Bulgarians (3-2) in extra time. The Portuguese of Dead Awaits, penalized by 3 red cards, defend the advantage (2-1) and eliminate Ziggy’s. Olympique Lyons defeats the Romanians of DanFc (4-2)

In the semi-finals Anderlecht (MOTS) overwhelms the French Olympics Lyons (7-2), while Dead Awaits overtakes Steaua (1-0) after a hard-fought game.

The final
In the final the Portuguese of Dead Awaits (MOTS) won clearly against the Belgian team of Anderlecht (5-0) thus winning the UEFA LEAGUE (the medalists)

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