How to try to buy a player on a limited budget

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Perhaps not all managers know that it is possible to make a maximum bid on multiple players, going to a negative portfolio balance.

For example
If you have 1000 coins, you can set the maximum bid up to 1000 for more players whose starting price will obviously be lower than availability (in this case 1000).
Suppose you make the maximum bid of 1000 coins for 2 players. The system of automatic relaunching on the offers of the opponents goes to cover the sum.
Suppose that when the auction expires, you both buy, one for 700 and the other for 900, then your balance will be negative for 600.

Remember, who choose this possibility once gone negative coins, will lose more money because it will break the contracts, can not pay scouting or make bets, pay game strategy, in short, nothing that economically commits.

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