How to change the schedule of the matches

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Go to “games” from the menu on the left, at the top there is a button, by clicking on it you can set the default time of home games throughout the season (options only for supporters).

Scrolling through the calendar instead you can set the schedule of individual home games (click the green button “set time schedule” next to “training”, this option is also available for non-supporters), while for those on the road and all international competitions you can ask the challenger for the time change.
(Click the “ask for the time change” button)

You can send a request to your opponent with a proposal to change the time to play the game.
– for away games – the opponent can accept or reject your proposal, or send a counter-proposal, returning to “matches” by clicking “ask for the time change”
– for tournaments or international matches – can accept your proposal, or ignore it (the time will remain as it is), or send a counter-proposal.
If a manager accepts the proposal, the time of the match is changed.

A couple of limitations:
– You can not change the time of the last round of league games.
– the proposed change of timetable is possible up to 15 minutes before the start of the game

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