How the Motivation and the Effort / Rest option works

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“The motivation of the team” (TM) is very important for all the teams.
It applies to the skills of the team before any match.
Motivation 100 means that the team plays 100% of its possibilities (100% of total skill)
Motivation to 90 the team plays 90% of its possibilities etc.

Every season the value of Motivation starts at 100, it varies based on the use of options (put more effort / rest)

When we play “Put More effort” option in a game, players will play above their limits (+ 10% of Total skills) but the motivation will drop by 0.2 per minute.

So, if you play 90 minutes with “Put More Effort”, the team’s motivation will drop by 18 points.
The idea of ​​this option is – to push your players to play better, raising the level of performance during a game phase.

For better performance in a game, there will be worse performance in subsequent games based on how many Motivation points have been lost.

Put more effort (“Put more effort”) should be used with caution.

This possibility also has the downside, or the ability to “reload” the lost motivation using the Rest option

When you have a lower motivation than the maximum limit (100), you can order your players to “take a breath” to regain energy during the game and recharge the value of Motivation.

When you select “Rest” players will play below their limits (-10% of all abilities), but the team’s motivation will grow with 0.05 for every minute played (up to 4.5 points for 90 minutes). minutes of the match played).

Of course there is some risk to take – players play less well when they “take a breath”.
Clearly, it is not enough to rest when the team motivation is at the maximum limit of (100) – the players will be worse as skill points, but the team’s motivation will not grow any more than that.

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