Grandes Managers: Pipo68 [Interview]

Interviewer (Diana Millan)

1 – Introduce yourself and tell us who Pipo68 is

Pipo68Hello to the whole Goleada community, I’m Pipo, even if my real name is Jose but they call me Pipo since I was a child and with that I stayed, haha ​​…
I was born in Valencia on 3/7/68 so I have more than half a century of life, in particular 52 years … I was born in Valencia but I have lived in Tenerife (Canary Islands) since 2001 for work reasons. I work in construction.
My tastes and hobbies: I love to communicate with people from all over the world so this kind of games and their communities (forums); I played unprofessional football most of my life, I stopped playing only 2 years ago (age is ruthless hahaha), I love to dance and skate (I have been a skating teacher for 5 years (I have several trophies for disco dance and figure skating).

2 – Tell us about your nick and the choice of team names

PIPO68, it is evident, are my name and the year in which I was born …
VALENCIA PEOPLES, Valencia because I bring the city where I was born and raised in my blood and heart and peoples because, as I mentioned before, it means “people” and I love meeting people and making friends …
VALENCIA CELESTE, Valencia I have already explained and celeste is in honor of so many Argentine friends that I have and they have touched my heart as a people …
80¨STARS VALENCIA, for the golden age of the 80s, a great moment, especially for his music … What years those were !!

3 – What struck you most about Goleada? And what would you change?

About Goleada I was very surprised by tactical editor, being able to interact live in matches is something fabulous (brings out the best and the worst in yourself as a manager) …
I was also very surprised by its large community and I speak as people, not as a manager of a game …
What I would change is the help that managers receive from glory: I’m not saying that they don’t have to be more visible, all those who are glorious for their actions in Goleada deserve it so you can see how much they are or have been big but not as a help to compete because this distorts the game “A LOT”
And what is missing, from the point of view of someone who uses communities a lot, is the improvement of the forums and more use of them.

4 – Tell us an anecdote from the game and one from your life

I have only been playing in Goleada for 4 seasons and I still can’t quote any important anecdotes, except having met an Italian player named Pippo Tallarico in the transfer market and I was about to sign him because he has my name, hahaha …
In real life I have several anecdotes to tell: one of them is that about 40 years ago my family and I were about to spend a holiday on the beaches of Castellon, north of Valencia, my parents didn’t have a driving license so we used the train to make this trip. .. All loaded with suitcases, my father, my mother, my three brothers and myself, we didn’t arrive very punctual so, in the end, we missed that train that was taking us to our first vacation and we had to take the next train an hour later. When the train started running and was halfway it had to stop because there was another train in front of us, along with two fire trucks and three ambulances that had crashed and derailed. At that moment we realized that if we had taken that train, maybe either I wouldn’t be here writing my life or some of my family might have disappeared at that moment … However, it’s still sad that others may lose their lives there …

5 – Seven things you like and describe


6 – Do you have a memorable match or season?

Well, the question takes me a lot because I think this has been my best season since I started: with VALENCIA PEOPLES I reached the cup semifinals and I have the possibility to finish 2nd in the championship, with VALENCIA CELESTE I will finish champion and therefore I am climbing in the division and with 80¨STARS VALENCIA when I thought I would be the last of the upper division I managed to keep the hope of saving myself from relegation with teams much higher than mine so it is not a specific result but yes a personal goal with all my teams.

7 – You have already mentioned that the advantage given by glory to some clubs creates, in your opinion, a problem. How would you fix it?

This question cannot be answered as long as the teams with the most glory are favorites because you can see some that stand out when it comes to using the tactical editor or even knowing how to position their players on the pitch but you will never know what would have happened in that. game if the two had played more fairly …
This question can be answered then, when they take away aid from those teams for glory …
On the other hand, I also see teams win everything without messing their hair, having only the best players with first touch, in my opinion, is not a great coach but having a lot of coins accumulated to always sign the best and nothing else …
I will dare to appoint two old managers and another of the new generation because I think they deserve to be named, they are Satantxiki and Diana Millan and the new generation is Feinos … In my opinion, they prove to be great managers even if in the case of the two greatest I insist on help that glory offers them.

8 – How did your passion for this sport and your adventure in amateur football start?

From an early age I have had a passion for football, especially to be the manager of a club, from when they are small children until they grow up in football and as people because I have lived a lot on the street and thanks to this sport I have seen many evils come out of many of my friends who in those days thought more about stealing wallets to survive than growing as people … Not only did they manage to get out of the bad life but also collected a large number of football awards and leagues, as well to become men of the future with more normal families and lives, of which I am very proud.

9 – Comment on the photo you have chosen to represent yourself on Goleada explaining why

In my case the photo of my nick belongs to a cartoon doll …
Pumuki is an elf, created in 1961 by Ellis Kaut. He is a descendant of the Klabautermänner. He is invisible to everyone except the master carpenter Eder with whom he lives …
I chose it because as a child it seemed like a lot and when I was older I had a girlfriend who affectionately gave me that nickname.
It is dedicated to all those street children who seek life as best they can … (I’m not talking about those who steal but those who have nothing to eat).

10 – A comment in favor of Goleada

Only comment in favor of Goleada, which is the first time that in a game that I like, the game administrator interacts with his users as if he were just another manager and I could also say that as a friend who cares about the game , the doubts of its users, its proposals and its improvement, so … Bravo Mitaka !!

We discovered many interesting things about our Pipo, a person with a big heart, always affable and available to everyone, a great communicator, who was able in a very short time to involve and conquer the Goleada community with his enthusiasm like no one before. Pipo is international 🙂 because thanks to his qualities he manages to relate to everyone beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. Thank you for the work you have done so far and for the work to come, Pipo, and we wish you the best of luck with his football projects on Goleada. It was an honor for me to interview you.

Diana Millan

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