Grandes Managers: Cris [Interview]


Who are you?
I am a Cristian and I am 41 years old. I work in aviation and I am a licensed mechanic for B737 and A32F aircraft. I take care of keeping them in optimal conditions for a safe flight.

Which team do you support in real football?
I am passionate about sports and especially team sports, I could take the place of an encyclopedia in what sport means :). fan of a team? … hard to say … I like teams that play a lot on offense, I like goals so every year my favorite team can be different. From outside Romania I sympathize with Rome, Liverpool and Deportivo la Coruna.

A curiosity related to your real life
a curiosity about my personal life? …. I don’t have a facebook account and I will never do it. I plan to finish running a marathon

A curiosity, something that not the whole community knows, linked to Goleada
I started to understand this game and to have results only when I founded my second team: benetton in the Italian league. I wanted to start in the 5th league because I learned as much as possible and not have the pressure of immediate results and from a combination of factors … I got into the 2nd league and I promoted in the first season.

Benetton Treviso. Can you explain why you chose this name for your team? And why did you choose the Italian league?
during high school, when basketball was of interest to me, I watched the fantastic Benetton treviso basketball team with the admirable player Toni Kucoc. Look, over the years I became a billionaire and I managed to buy this club and register it in the Italian league in Goleada :))

I chose the Italian league for competitiveness, for the friendship that will bind you all and because I wanted to be part of your wonderful community. Congratulations on the beautiful environment you are creating here.

Do you remember a memorable game of Goleada?
you will realize that in so many years and in so many seasons (about 40 active) I have gathered many memorable moments, sad or very happy.
I will never be able to forget how my little team (at that time) was tied in the 89:59 minute by Banda Bonnot (at that time it had 7 consecutive championships won) in the final of the Italian cup.

I will never forget the champions league title won in front of the admirable Cosmoanarca and last but not least I will never be able to forget the fantastic matches of every season against Aptul, every time you learn from him.

You have been on Goleada for a long time. Which aspect do you enjoy the most?
First of all, this game attracted me because you can watch it live and because you can act in real time, congratulations Mitaka for this fantastic product.
Secondly, together, we created an admirable community, summing up here friends, help, smiles and joys. I can always open the game and talk in real time with wonderful people in Romania, Italy, Brazil, Portugal or Spain and certainly not only from these countries. The fact that you can be near anyone and anytime is a fantastic thing of the times we live in.

Otherwise. What annoys you the most about Goleada?
I hate lying and hypocrisy. I will never be able to understand someone who makes 2-3-7-10 parallel accounts just to be able to gather “fame” and to be in front at any time.

Benetton Treviso


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