Fair Play Rules on Goleada

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Anyone breaking these rules may be immediately banned from Goleada!

Be aware that the Goleada-detectives have the absolute power to decide if someone has broken the rules or not.

Personal account
You can have (a.k.a. register/own/controll/login in) only one user account.
Once again – it is forbidden to use more than one account. If you manage multiple accounts, they will all be closed and you will get a penalty. It does not matter that one of your friends has registered the account: if you use it (you login into it), you are considered as an owner. Your registration is personal, which means you can not allow friends or relatives to enter and use it, or to give it to another person.
Those who want to play with more than one team, can start an Additional Team(s), following a simple rules.
It is forbidden to buy players from another manager at obviously higher prices, even simply because you are good friend of him! If you get an obviously high bid for your player from someone else, report it to the detectives immediately!
It is forbidden to buy/bid players from managers with the same IP address. To maintain the Fair-Play of the game transfers/Bids between members from the same family aren’t allowed.
(Additional Teams) Transfers of players between the teams of one owner are forbidden.
Sending threatening, insulting, or humiliating post and messages via conversations, articles, forums or otherwise, spam, ads to other players is forbidden. Obscene and insulting behavior is forbidden as well.
Violations of the rules
The detectives are helping us to keep the game fair, to prevent cheating and abuses. They have the absolute power to decide for a punishments and penalties.
The managers have the opportunity to protest the decision and to convince the detectives to change their decision, but only on right place – the detective case. Any discussion (or publishing detective-correspondence) on a public place is forbidden. After all, giving access to detective data and methods will hamper their ability to catch future cheaters.
Every manager can send a report to the Detectives. They will take a decision as soon as they can.

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