Detective System

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There are 3 Goleada detectives (Cruyffie, Standrew and Danciualin23), that are helping us to keep the game fair, to prevent cheating and abuses.

Everyone could send them reports on their page – Left Panel -> World -> Detectives. Also they can start a detective case by themselves.

Multi-accounts, suspicious transfers, offensive posts/messages, etc.- the detectives will take a decision for every case.

They need a majority (2 from 3 votes) to take a decision. Once it is made, the involved managers will have a opportunity to see the case, if they want – to protest by posting there a message. The detectives can change their decision or not.

After the protest period (one week) expiration – the decision is executed.

Note! Any comments and protest should be made on right place – the detective case. It is not allowed to discuss detectives decisions on forums, articles, etc. These activities are not enjoyable and we don’t need more negativeness by discussing them in public!

Read the rules!/rules.php

Let we have a fair game for all!

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