Crowd advantage & Seats income

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Today we have an update about the arenas/stadiums.

All teams have fans, their number varies after every game. In depends from current team rank and from managers glory.

Starting from Monday (first games from the new season), the attendance on stadiums will be different in every game.

Our fans have free access to our club stadium, but managers could earn coins by selling tickets to opponent fans.

This is nice, because this way we can get money, but it has its cost – the opposite fans will support their team and this will reduce or totally eliminate our home advantage. Over more – if we reach much more better ranked team than ours, with much more fans – the opponent squad could take a real advantage over our team.

The idea is – now we can “trade” home advantage for coins.

Probably you can better understand the system on this playground:

I had two targets there – to start another financial channel, because we will need a lot of money for the scouts, and to reduce a little bit the random outputs for active managers.

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