In Group A Portugal and France defeat Hungary and Sweden respectively. The subsequent victory of France VS Hungary and that suffered by Portugal vs Sweden (1-0), are worth the quarter-final for both teams.
The draw in the challenge between Portugal vs France (1-1) give the first place to the French.

In Group B Belgium starts well defeating Greece , while Spain is over Germany (2-1). The following victory of Spain VS Belgium (3-2) launches the “red fury” at the head of the group.
In the last round of matches Spain defeats Greece (8-2) and concludes in 1 position. Belgium defeats Germany (4-2) and accesses the quarterfinals.

In Group C United Kingdom defeats Norway and Netherlands and wins the group. With the victory against Norway (1-0), Netherlands qualified for the next phase.

In Group D Romania ‘s double victory against Poland and Italy immediately qualifies. Italy defeating Poland (4-1) entered the quarter-finals.

Quarter finals
In the quarterfinals Romania and France overwhelm respectively Belgium (5-1) and the Netherlands (7-0) and enter the semifinals. Suffered the “azzurri” of Italy victorious against Spain (2-1).
The United Kingdom also defeats the semi-finals and clearly defeats Portugal (4-1)

Beautiful challenge between Italy and Romania! A balanced Match that ends with the victory of the Romanian team. In the other semi-final France defeats Germany.

The final
France clearly defeats Romania and is the third time Champion of Europe.

AMOCAS CUP FOR NATIONS (America, Oceania, Africa)
9 teams protagonists for the victory of the trophy for Nations (America, Oceania, Asia – CUP).

Group A opens with the victory of Brazil vs Canada (6-1) and of United States Vs Chile (3-0). Big shot of Canada that defeats the US (1-0) and victory for French Southern Territories Vs Chile (3-0) and qualification still open for all teams.
The race continues in the lead of the Group of Brazil, the double draw between Brazil and French Southern Territories (1-1) and Canada Vs Chile (0-0), leaves provisional second position to the United States.
In the last round, the victory of Brazil VS United States and that of the French Southern Territories VS Canada (3-1) send Brazil and French Southern Territories in the final!

Group B is dominated by New Zealand: 3 wins and access to the semi-finals.
Australia ends in second place, first defeating China , then Turkey , and gaining access to the semi-finals.

In the semifinals Australia performs a miracle winning (6-3) eliminating the favorite Brazil, while New Zeland defeats French Southern Territories (5-1)

The final
In the final New Zealand defeats Australia and wins the AMOCAS CUP.

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