Five grandes managers from the past

5Excuse me, Pipo68 for stealing your article’s title. But if these managers were still in Goleada, it would be wonderful to interview them.

Several days ago I was returned in the past of Goleada in my thoughts. I found there several managers that already left the game, but I miss today. I will write few words about 5 of them (in alphabetic order).

Claudogs. Positiveness. An Italian manager, the warmest and brightest man in Goleada ever. I miss his reports at the end of each season, his dedication to helping everyone, his total presence here. Great man, no doubt.

Ji. Opposition. A friend of mine in real life, always against my opinion. Almost every one of our meetings had turned into a dispute about Goleada (at that time). Unfortunately for everyone else around.

Nufer. Knowledge. He knew more than I me about the engine. He didn’t “talk” much, but I had to listen carefully to what he was saying.

Osnofa_ac. Logic. Much of the foundation of the present Goleada has been build in our forum disputes. Unfortunately, with our passion these days, I (or we) crossed the red-line and he left.

Spell. Friendship. He always managed to find a bridge between the disputants. And in the worst situation, he tried and succeeded to reconcile the parties.

Anyway, I just would like to express my respect and to thank to all of them. I write that, so they will be known from the new managers as well.

To wish them all the best in the real world. And hope that some day they will return and we “see” them again.

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