We gonna have our first Goleada’s Club World Cup (CWC).
Thanks to all subscriptions! This is gonna happen because of you!

CWC rules:

We have 24 teams that gonna be divided in 6 groups of 4 teams:
Each group gonna have the better ranked team on it (the 6 better GIFA ranking teams). The other 3 teams gonna be decide by pot drawing (I wish lucky to all).

I’ll record the pot drawing and post at youtube to give “transparency” to the process.

The group classification is very similar to the real Euro Cup: the two better ranked group teams will be automatic on the knockout phases (12 teams) and the 4 better 3rd places gonna pass too (4 teams). So we will have 16 teams to dispute the knockout phases and 8 initial eliminated teams.

Ok. The classification will follow this rules:

1- Points;
2- Direct confrontation;
3- goal balance;
4- scored goals;
5- Less yellow cards;
6- Less red cards;
7- Younger team;

The knockout phases gonna be decided by the groups classification. The better classificated team gonna face the worst one (even that both was in the same group at group phases).

– In draw case here, gonna have a second game.
– In second game draw case, gonna be classificated the best team in group phases.

Its home team responsibility marks the friendly game. The day gonna be previously choosed, but the time it’s a both teams decision. In case of no agreement about the time, the games should happen at 14h GMT (same hour of goleada’s Champions Cup).

– If the home team don’t send the invitation, he will lose the game by 3×0.
– If have no agreement, but the home team send the invitation at 14h GMT and the opponent don’t accept the invitation, the opponent gonna lose by 3×0.

Obs.: the same W.O rule is applied at the group phases.


Aspirant CWC

Now, he gonna have the aspirant CWC! Yes, you read right! Do you remember of the 8 initial eliminated teams? They will also dispute the cup!

The aspirant CWC works like this:

The initial 8 eliminated teams will be automatic there.

– The 8 eliminated teams at the first knockout gonna be there too, so we will also have 16 teams here.
– Gonna have a new pot drawing to decide the knockout games.

The general rules are the same that the “senior” CWC.


The pots drawings gonna happen today later. I’ll notice the hour. In any case, dont worry: the video will remain at youtube.

Pot drawing rules:

– First we will do a pot drawing to see in what group each of the 6 best ranked GIFA cups will start.
– Then we will do the pot drawing to the other teams. First team in group A, second in group B… 6th at group F, then the 7th again at group A… And so it goes.


The games will start next week, monday probably. After the pot drawing we gonna build the table games. We will anunciate the table games at sunday.

Any doubt can be send here or by privately messages.
If have some other questions, we will solve here too.

Open tournament in a new window
Download PDF

Open tournament in a new window
Download PDF




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